Painting I – Still Life

Taught by Sarah F. Burns

Students who wish to sign up for this class must have taken Drawing or Painting with Sarah in the past and feel proficient in the basic elements of drawing.  It may be acceptable to take Drawing I and Painting I concurrently – contact Sarah with questions at  This class can be repeated multiple times, moving toward independence at every stage.

This class will build on the foundations of drawing and painting and start with composition.  Each student will have their own still life station and will be able to design their own arrangement of objects.  Time will be taken to experiment and develop compositions that are interesting to the student.  They will then carefully draw, transfer the drawing and paint the still life. Students will work on one piece during the 6 week session.  There may be opportunity to work independently in the studio outside of class.

There will be slide talk on composition with slides of still life in art history designed to spark ideas and imagination.  There will be demonstration of setting up a palette and working with the materials, oil paint and discussion of color theory.  Sarah will work in parallel with the group and demo the stages of her study as the class goes.

The subject of the class is still life — it is important to note however, that still life is the best and easiest way to practice the tools and principles that apply to the figure and the landscape as well.  Still life is wonderful because the objects hold still and the light doesn’t move.

Spring Session: Wednesdays 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm, April 3 – May 22, 2019 – class FULL

Materials List Painting Class

*Contact Sarah if you have questions about the materials.  It  is fine to substitute watercolor or acrylics for oils, if you have a strong preference.  Sarah will focus on painting with oils, but acrylic, watercolor, pastel or charcoal or graphite drawing are perfectly fine.  The principles apply to any media.

Grisaille materials are a good start for first time painters, or for artists who would like to focus on values.

Carnations and Green Acorns, oil painting by Sarah F Burns