Drawing Exercises


The following PDF’s illustrate exercises that can be done at home.  If you’re having trouble with any of these, keep practicing.  They are the essential building blocks for drawing the figure, painting a still life or landscape.  When you can handle all of these elements your work will improve immensely.

I hope the exercises are fun.  Make sure to do all of them, even the ones that are less fun for you.  This is like practicing scales for piano or knowing all the feet and arm positions in ballet.  Essential stuff!

If you are a student of mine, feel free to snap pics and email your efforts to me!
I am also working on exercises for improving your skills in proportion, perspective and construction.  Check back!  – Sarah

Symmetry Exercise

Shading Exercise

Value and Composition Exercise I

Value and Compostion Exercise II

Value and Composition Exercise III

Perspective Exercise I

Perspective Exercise I Page 2

Useful materials for the exercises:
HB pencil – the mechanical kind with the thin leads are easy – they’re always sharp!
Kneaded Eraser
Drawing Paper or Sketch Paper

Clear Plexi about 6″ x 8″
Straight Edge
Sharpie pen

Heavy Watercolor Paper for painting exercises
Golden Acrylics make a series of Neutral Grays in even value distributions.  These are really great for quick value studies.  – Titanium White, N8 Neutral Gray, N6 Neutral Gray, N4 Neutral Gray and Bone Black are a good start.  If you really get into it you could fill in the other values.