Past Shows and Events

Becoming a Mother/Losing a Mother

  Becoming a Mother/Losing a Mother Sarah F. Burns and Megan Headley combined their work to address the full spectrum of motherhood, from becoming a mother to losing a mother.  While Burns’ work leans toward contemporary classical painting and drawing, Headley’s is abstract.  In addition to juxtaposition of styles, the conceptual content of their work … Continue reading Becoming a Mother/Losing a Mother

Painting Intensive: Color and Value

Focus exclusively on color, light effect and value in this special painting intensive.  Students will create a series of small paintings called poster studies with the singular goal of achieving better color, value and light effect.  Subjects will include colorful still life objects, drapery and flowers. Lecture and/or Demo in the morning, then students will … Continue reading Painting Intensive: Color and Value

Broken Trains — Multimedia Performance by Bruce Bayard

Broken Trains Bruce Bayard, a visual artist turned multimedia performer, has been exploring the merger of time-based image collage with improvised electronic soundscapes. Broken Trains is an audio visual collage featuring the rhythmic sight and sounds of trains, clouds, trees and shadows. Bruce pairs these images with live soundtrack performed from the rafters on Buchla, … Continue reading Broken Trains — Multimedia Performance by Bruce Bayard

Portraits by Drew Lantrip

Drew Lantrip’s work revolves around the figure as his primary source for inspiration. Through it he explores the relationships of line, color, rhythm, and the psychology of gesture. His interest is in painting as a visual language and its ability to evoke and express feelings and ideas universally. He studied classical drawing and oil painting at the Florence Academy … Continue reading Portraits by Drew Lantrip

Talent Harvest Festival

We are joining the festivities at the Talent Harvest Festival! Come join us, Saturday, October 7, 7 am  – 4 pm. Project Space will be setting up shop at the Community Center behind City Hall.  Megan will guide a harvest related art project for kids and both Megan and Sarah will be showing paintings.  (Please … Continue reading Talent Harvest Festival