Becoming a Mother/Losing a Mother


Becoming a Mother/Losing a Mother

Sarah F. Burns and Megan Headley combined their work to address the full spectrum of motherhood, from becoming a mother to losing a mother.  While Burns’ work leans toward contemporary classical painting and drawing, Headley’s is abstract.  In addition to juxtaposition of styles, the conceptual content of their work is inspired by opposing forces – life and death. Headley recently became a mother, while Burns just lost hers.

The impetus for the show came when the two artists discovered they did, however, share the same muse – Mothers.  Burns composed a still life series working from objects that were given to her by or remind her of her mother who recently passed away.  The abstract series that Headley created was inspired by the process of becoming a mother.  Becoming a Mother/Losing a Mother aimed to be visually diverse, powerful and conceptually stimulating.

This show officially opened the Project Space studio to the public. The show was on display Saturday and Sunday, May 6 and 7, 2017.

Sarah and Megan extend a big thank you to all who came to see the show and to Jessica “Veege” Ruediger from Moonstone Midwifery and Sarah Seybold from Southern Oregon Friends of Hospice who shared practical information about birthing and dying with people at the exhibit.