Drawing: The Foundation of Everything -Online Summer 2020

Drawing with Paint, Rye Whiskey and Beer by Sarah F Burns

To draw does not simply mean to reproduce contours; the drawing does not simply consist in the idea: the drawing is even the expression, the interior form, the plan, the model.  Look what remains after that!  The drawing is three fourths and a half of what constitutes painting.  If I had to put a sign over my door [to the atelier], I would write: School of drawing, and I’m certain that I would create painters.

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres

This class is taught online through Pacific Northwest College of Art Continuing Education.

This class focuses on the essential, foundational principles and tools of drawing and painting Learn observational drawing principles that can be applied to myriad forms of expression—from realist to comic to abstract and beyond. Drawing is a world unto itself. We will look at inspiring examples from sketches to finished artwork and we discuss how drawing becomes a language that transcends material.

Each week we will focus on a principle, there will be a slide talk with examples that illustrate the idea, then work on targeted exercises to practice each concept. There will be demos, and some show and tell. We will discuss materials and techniques as we balance learning universal principles with individual expression. We will keep the Zoom sessions to two lively hours or less and students should plan a couple of hours of solo drawing each week. This class is appropriate for beginners to artists who want to sharpen their skills.  It is an essential pre-requisite for Painting, Life Drawing or Landscape class with Sarah.

The class will cover:

  • Proportion, Measuring
  • Angles, Shapes and Placement
  • Perspective
  • Construction
  • Values
  • Light Effect
  • Modeling, Turning Form
  • Composition


  • Drawing Paper 14″ x 18″ pad – Strathmore is recommended.
  • Pencils – HB, H, 2B – must be able to get them very, very sharp.
  • Kneaded Eraser
  • Sketch book

Tuition: $300 + Dept/Lab Fee: $20
Add Certificate Program Fee: +$60

July 1, 2020–August 19, 2020
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm Wednesdays

Click here to go to PNCA to register.