Teen Studio Program

Project Space is launching a teen art studio program in Fall of 2018.  This series of classes introduces teens to essential tools and skills of art that apply to fine art or illustration.  Think of it as the ballet or classical music equivalent in visual art.  These classes are perfect for the passionate young artist and give them a serious leg-up in building advanced skills essential for those who seek careers in the arts.  The discipline and skills developed will translate into a stronger ability to realize individual artistic goals and build versatile and attention grabbing portfolios.  Students are introduced to art history and shown how to document and display their work in a professional setting.

Space is limited to 6 participants, so it is extremely important that participants attend regularly and make a commitment to at least a year in the program. This long term commitment is going to make a huge difference in the student’s progress.  Scholarships are available.

Each Class has eight 2 hour sessions and costs $175 plus materials fee.

Drawing Foundations with Sarah F Burns

8 weeks September 26 – November 28, 2018
Wednesdays 3:50 – 5:50 pm
$175 plus $30 materials fee

Students will cover the essential foundations of visual art:  Proportion, Perspective, Value, Light Effect, Modeling, Volume, Textures, Edges, Form, Composition.  Each week we will cover an area in-depth and the class will culminate with a finished drawing.  Most weeks there will be a power point presentation showing how the skill and tool is used throughout art history.


Grisaille Painting with Sarah F Burns

8 weeks January – February – March
Wednesdays 3:50 – 5:50
$175 plus $75 materials fee

Students will take the drawing skills gained in the first semester and apply them to paint!  The series will begin with a power point presentation on the history of still life painting as well as a primer on composition.  Each student will design their own still life, from which they will compose and complete a gray-scale oil painting.

Registration for Winter Session will open up in Fall 2018.

Color Painting with Sarah F Burns

8 weeks in April – May
Wednesdays 3:50 – 5:50
$175 plus $75 materials fee

Go from gray scale oil painting to the exciting world of color! Students will study color theory including how the eye works and perceives color and will create full color still life paintings they design.

Summer Intensive
Life Drawing and Art Show Preparation with Sarah F Burns

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday,  10 – noon –  Two weeks in July
$175 plus $30 Materials and $35 Model Fee

Figure drawing – students learn to capture gesture, proportion, character, expression of the human figure.  Students learn basic anatomy essential to drawing.  The classroom has a full sized skeleton used to look for what’s happening under the surface.  Each session will have live art models to work from. (In this series, life models wear leotard or modest swimsuit.)

Teen Studio Program Art Show at Project Space

Friday, July 2019
Show Prep – from 1:00 – 4:30 pm
Art Show from 5:00 – 7 pm
$35 participation fee, Frame and Framing Supplies Fee – $55

Students choose their best work from the previous year and learn to make it ready for display, including varnishing, framing and labeling the work and then hanging and lighting it to professional gallery standards.  Family and friends members of the public and press are invited to see and celebrate the progress made throughout the year.  During the exhibit, students get practice talking to people about their work.  Refreshments served.

We want to support every student’s opportunity to study art if they wish. If you would like to sponsor a teen in any amount, please donate here:

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